How to Regain The Lost Nutrients From Your Food (Video)

Posted: Monday, September 25, 2018

Celebrities go on weird diets, and it works for them. They look fit, younger than they really are, and downright sexy.

But what’s missing from the healthy food available today…that’s causing the rich and famous to go on weird diets in the first place?

The truth is, according to USDA data…

Since the 1950s, our fruits, vegetables, and meat have had less and less nutrients every year.

The weird celebrity diets that work only include the most nutritious, healthy food. They give you enough nutrients to improve your skin while helping you burn fat.

But can you get the same results while still eating the foods you love?

The answer is yes…and it’s very easy.

"There are three easy ways to get more nutrients from the food you eat…without going on strange diets," according to Dr. John Layke, cosmetic surgeon to the stars and co-founder of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.

These tips have nothing to do with plastic surgery. Dr. John Layke believes a facelift isn’t going to do much if your skin is unhealthy. You have to fix the root of the problem.

Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Layke created a video presentation where he shows the same easy food hacks he gives his celebrity patients in Beverly Hills.

This includes how to spot meat that comes from unhealthy animals, so you can get more nutrients—especially for your skin—with less calories.

Watch his presentation here.

One viewer commented: "I went and did some online searches and all of the facts he [Dr. Layke] gave were true. I was so shocked…I had no idea until I saw the video."